I wish I knew this when I was 20 years old.

When you’re in your 20s, people put a huge expectation on your shoulder.

People expect you to put on a suit.
People expect you to be rich and retire in your 30s.
People expect you with the peak of your physique you will get everything done.

What they didn’t told you is… They knew you’re struggling.

They knew you would be inexperienced for the job.
They knew you’re still figuring yourselves out.
They knew you’re still have to deal your terrible childhood and heartbreaks.
They knew you’re still have to untangle all the complexity from your past.

Let me tell you, you don’t need to be successful at an early age. You don’t have to know it all today.

Here’s what I wish I knew…

Everything you do today, is to make the 5-years-in-the-future-you happy.

You get that job today, so you get all the experience needed to launch your career up in five or ten years.
You get your salary today to learn to invest it, so you’ll gain financial stability in five or ten years.
You start workout today so you’ll get a fit and nice body in five or ten years.

In five or ten years from now, you’ll look back and thank past-you for doing all that.

If you’re doing it all for today, all the hassle won’t worth the sacrifice you made.

Don’t do it for present-you. Do it for 5-years-in-the-future-you.



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Mike Ferrari

Mike Ferrari


Here to help you learn complex ideas in its simplest form. I’m an essentialist, a content writer, and a jazz singer.